EQ#: 3074

2020 Freightliner M2


Equipment: Chevron 1016 GII: Standard Features: Manual Driver & Passenger Side Controls, Passenger Side Lanyard Remote, Hydraulic Rear Jacks w Flipper Feet, Hydraulic pump, Tailboard D-Rings, Safety Chains in the Tailboard. Power Elevation, Power Extension, 360 Sheave Head, Cable Tie Backs, Dual Planetary Winches, Cable Tensioners, Winch Air Free Spool. Power Tilt, Hydraulic Fold, 2-Stage Design, Low Profile Fabricated Cross Bar, Four Sets of Cast Forks (Short Axle Fork, 3” Short, 3” Medium, 3” Tall), Chain Adjuster Weldments, 6,000 Lbs. and 4,000 Lbs. Wheel retainers. Aluminum Modular Body w/Rubber Mounting Isolators, LED Body Lighting, LED Tool Compartment Lighting, Gas Door Shocks, Chrome Double Action Latches w/Remote Lock Unlock, Adjustable Shelves, Lift Fork Storage, Chain Storage, Mud Flaps.138” CA CX2/VX Body; Wireless Remote (16 Ton/DTU); LED – Flasher Control Power Unit; 138” CA – Glow LED Marker Lights (CX/VX); 3212/V30/1016 Stainless Tailboard Dress Up Package; Aluminum Tube Pylon; Air & Electric Kit; Fork Riser 3212/V30; Hot Shift PTO (MD, HD); LED – Work Lights – Lower 70MM (Pair); LED – Work Lights – Swivel 90MM (Pair); LED – Work Lights – Underlift (Pair); LED – Work Lights – Upper 90MM (Pair); Medium Duty Chain Kit; Trailer Converter Ball Kit; U Bolt Lift Attachments (Pair); LED Head Lights ; 3212 / V30 / 1016-GII; Factory PDI for Medium Duty; Hot Shift PTO – LD, CC, HD; LED Flasher Control Box; LED Strip Light Kit; Light Bar (LD/CC); Live Air to Tailboard; Tailboard Dress Up Kit; Work Lights (Pair) (3); 3212/V30 Optional Paint 1 Color; CX/VX Boxes 1 Color To Match Cab and AAA and CHP Equipped

Chassis: White 2020 Freightliner M2EC 33000GVW ALLISON RDS3000, 138 CA,350 HP , 2753 Miles, Rear Differential Luck w/ Trailer Package please see chassis specs for more detail


Bed S/N#1016-0010-I19


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