Consignment Agreement

Southern California Tow Equipment

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Consignment Sales Agreement


, Hereinafter, to as OWNER, and Southern California Tow Equipment, hereinafter referred to as SELLER do hereby agree that:

Consigns to Southern California Tow Equipment the following:





Vehicle ID Number

Expiry Date

Odometer Reading

Shall retain title in his name unless, and until truck is sold and may recall and take possession of consigned item at any time prior to sale.

Shall provide Southern California Tow Equipment, with the following items at the signing of this document:

  1. (1) Title to Vehicle,
  2. (2) Current Registration or Non-Op,
  3. (3) Authorization for payoff,
  4. (4) Bill of Sale,
  5. (5) Current B. E. Clearance or current smog Certificate,
  6. (6) Power- of- Attorney,
  7. (7) Copy of current Insurance

All monies due to

shall be forwarded by Southern California Tow Equipment, within (20) days of Sale. An accounting for the sale of the consigned shall be provided upon request.

Special Stipulations:

  1. Southern California Tow Equipment assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to consigned property by fire, theft, accident, or any cause.
  2. Southern California Tow Equipment will set and notify owner of fair market price for the consigned item
  3. All Liens, Judgments, payoffs, and other settlements will be deducted from the net payment.

Special Agreements:



Southern California Tow Equipment